About Us

Our company was founded on the idea of helping parents in need by providing an affordable, convenient and safe transportation service for our children while creating flexibility for our parents. 


It is imperative and firmly assured that all Safety On Wheels personnel are screened prior to and during employment. We advocate for those parents who need our help. As parents, we know even a little help goes a long way.


Safety,trustworthiness and understanding is most important at Safety On Wheels. 


Safety On Wheels employees:



-Drug Tested

-Driving record verified prior to employment and annual every year after. 

-Criminal/federal background check

-References checked prior to employment

-CPR certified



All children will receive a safety on wheels membership identification(Complimentary)

That is why Safety On Wheels is especially happy to commit to doing a great job in our community. As a parent we want to support our children with self-growth and development while minimizing our parental transportation challenges.


Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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