Welcome to Safety On Wheels


Safety On Wheels fosters an all-encompassing transportation service benefiting the parents and children of East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania area.  The primal objective of Safety On Wheels is to ensure sufficient, timely and consistent transport options for families who have complications meeting time-sensitive pick up and drop off times for your children. As parents, we can all agree our day-to-day obligations can be challenging when juggling all our schedules.


List of challenges we may experience as parents: 


Emergencies- Your child may be feeling ill at school and may need to be pick up and taken to the babysitter or grandparent's home. Or if your child miss the school bus and you don't have enough time to drop them off at school. Unexpected school delays due to unpredictable weather changes.


Dental and Medical appointments - As working parents, it may be difficult to find time in your schedule to coordinate with medical and dental appointments. Safety On Wheels can pick up your child at the designated location and meet you at the office for drop-off,  pick up and/or both.  


Events- As a parent you find it difficult arranging an event and making sure your child's friends can make it . Your child may ask "mom can you pick up my friends ?" While planning the event, you now have to incoporate time for pick up and drop off. Safety On Wheels may pick up the guest(s) and drop them off at the event. For an added convenience, we offer round-trip services.


Camps/employment- We all like to keep our children busy while school is out with camps,summer jobs and internships. There may be only one car in the family and everyone has different schedule. Safety On Wheels will assist you with your children with pick-up and drop -off to their location allowing the parent to feel secure with any worries. 


Religious events- For Communions, Bar Mitzvah, Christenings and many others events we will transport your guest(s). Safety On Wheels will assist with making sure your guest(s) arrive on time and will be dropped off at the designated location. Making sure your child/children religious ceremony is eventful and successful.


Safety On Wheels' overall goal is to develop a safe, convenient and affordable transportation service for our children. 



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